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Hi Everyone!!

Long time no see!! Since my last post, so many things have happened. I graduated from university, got a job in the Asian import industry, traveled to Japan, visited New York, and saw family in Los Angeles. My Hubbie and I got engaged and purchased our first home, and everything just seems to be falling into place. Everything is really hectic right now, because we're moving our company's headquarters, setting up our home, and planning a wedding! 

With all that's taking place, I've been stressed out lately. So as a gift, Hubbie encouraged me to take the plunge and treated me to a visit to the Louis Vuitton in Union Square of San Francisco. I never purchased such expensive handbags before in my life, always thinking about using the money elsewhere. But Hubbie knew that I had been eyeing this one for a while and convinced me to go with him. I got into our car thinking, "Oh I'll just have a look..." and came out of the store with these items.

✿ Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Damier Ebene✿

 I really loved the shape of this bag as well as this understated, classy print. I thought, if I'm going to spend this amount of money on a handbag, I would like to get something that I can use regularly. This print seems to go with any outfit I wear! It's not so in-your-eyes-louis-vuitton as the monogram print, yet still looks beautiful and effortlessly chic. For the same reason, I decided to get the bandouliere version instead of the normal one without the strap. I feel like it's more functional this way and leaves me hands-free when I to find something inside the bag, inspect something in a store, etc.
Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Damier Ebene

Inside the black hole.
I also love how practical this print is. I can't spend my time out worrying about the condition of the handbag I'm carrying, so I love that this print is dark, and the leather treated. Although I do think the monogram print is pretty, I would constantly be worrying about the vachetta leather becoming discolored or marred with water stains. Personally I am not a fan of patina (which in this case, means the darkening of vachetta leather over time with the exposure to elements, oils, and other things), so I think this bag is perfect for me.

Zippered Inner Flap Pocket
I bought this last month in January of 2016, and Sara, the sales associate I worked with, let me know that the zipper on the inside flap pocket is a new design that they just implemented in December of 2015. I guess that was lucky timing on my part! All the reviews I have seen on this bag do not have zippers, but just a leather lined opening. The zipper is very pretty and will prevent things inside from falling out when your bag falls to the floor of the car during a sudden stop (happens more than we think, right?). I also just like the extra shine :)

✿ Insolite Wallet in Damier Ebene ✿

I'm not someone who minds having mismatched wallets and purses, so I didn't mind having this wallet in a different print. However this was the only one that was in the store, and happened to be my favorite print, so I went with it.

I have seen some reviews on this wallet, and absolutely LOVE how unique it is! I love that it opens up flat and has so much space! I tend to carry around a lot of miscellaneous documents, so I felt that this was a very handy wallet.  If LV still produced the Insolite Organizer, which is even bigger, I might have even gone for that one. I really don't mind how hefty it is.

Insolite Wallet in Damier Ebene
Insolite Wallet's stunning Red Interior
I also like that it's substantial enough to be a statement piece on its own. Nowadays, I have to make errand runs to the store, and often do not bring a purse with me as I'll be in and out. This one is easy to grab and go, with all my essentials in there (driver's license, card, cash). 

✿ Fleur de Monogram Chain Charm ✿

This one was an impulse buy, I am not going to lie. When Sara said she would bring over some charms, I thought I would take a look, make some mental notes, and say, "Maybe next time." Of all the charms, I love this one the most. This one also happens to be one of, if not THE most expensive charms =_____= Although I loved it a lot, I didn't plan to purchase it.

I wanted to get the Agenda MM in monogram print (it doesn't have any vachetta leather), but they didn't have any in store and would have to order it. It was okay in my book, but Hubbie told Sara we would take the charm then O___O UM, HUSBAND?! asjfoiaeorivhadikaj We really shouldn't!

But nope, he made up his mind. Case closed. Although gorgeous and I love it, it's still too pricey in my eyes. I wont be buying any charms soon, that's for sure.


✿ Chaine Anneau Cles Dore (Gold) ✿

Now this chain is one that I was going to get no matter what (if the Insolite wallet was in stock). When I planned on getting the insolite wallet, I knew I was going to use it as a stand-alone piece. Because of this fact, I wanted to get this chain for easy carrying and loss-prevention.

I'm super clumsy and always forget my purse here or there, and lose things left and right. I left my purse at my in-laws' countless times and both my Mom and Mom-in-law are always having to remind me of my jacket, my phone, etc. Once I even left my phone at the hair salon and came back 30 minutes later panting with crazy-eyes, and the auntie said, "I knew you'd be back! Looking for your phone? We kept it here," and pulled it from behind their counter. Phew! That would have been the 4th time I lost a phone.
This chain, although also too pricey to normally justify, was a necessary purchase in my specific case. It's also very pretty on the Insolite wallet's D ring and adds that extra shine factor that I adore.

I'd love to hear about your LV purchases and experience! 
Have you had these pieces before? What is your favorite handbag?

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