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One of my all-time-favorites beauty blogger and inspiration JYukimi recently had a giveaway that included products from a fairly young makeup brand based in London called Make Up Revolution! It's a very inexpensive brand (I think sold at drug stores too) that sells a wide variety of everyday cosmetics.

When Jessica posted her giveaway, I was a bit reluctant to enter at first because I never entered one before, and really thought my chances of winning would be slim :P But waaah I actually won guys!! :D I was TOO excited when I got a cute comment on my Instagram photo from Jess telling me I should check my email! This is the first time I ever won something which makes it more exciting :3

Although the giveaway was mainly for the eyeshadow palette, Jess was so sweet and included many other goodies from MUR as well!! 

☁︎ Make Up Revolution - Hot Smoked Palette ($7)
☁︎ Make Up Revolution - The One Foundation ($7)
☁︎ Make Up Revolution - Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer x2 ($5)
☁︎ Make Up Revolution - Vivid Blush Lacquer ($5) 

She even included a personalized note!!~ It was very cute and I super appreciated it because hand-written notes are so precious these days, what with modern technology and typed communications.

I'm going to split this blog entry into four sections--One for each product :3 

First is the Hot Smoked Palette!!

I've never really been a big eyeshadow person, mainly because I'm lazy :P But recently I have been interested in trying out different looks, so this palette came just in time for me ♡ My makeup style is pretty much just eyeliner and falsies with blush, so I decided maybe I will spice things up once in a while hehehe <3 

The eyeshadow is pretty pigmented and stayed on for as long as I needed it to. It didn't slip or slide anywhere really. My experience will most likely be even better if I use eyeshadow primer. I will post pictures in future posts with eyeshadow, yeah? :] 

I think this palette is really versatile and can create natural and dramatic looks. It's very affordable and there are many other palettes with different color combinations available for purchase as well. 

Second is The One Foundation

I wasn't liking this one too much because it was quite runny and I have really oily skin, so I think this product and I just weren't meant to be.. </3 

Perhaps it will work better for those with different skin types. I was really shiny after about 2 hours and the coverage wasn't too good for me since I have scars I like to cover up. 

Here are the ingredients for the foundation.

The foundation isn't a pump bottle or anything fancy.
You just twist off the cap and squeeze onto the back of your hand. Don't squeeze
too hard because WAY too much will come out at once. 

I do recommend for those with dry skin and who don't need heavy coverage. 

Third is the Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer 

Jess gave me two of these to try out: More Than I Could Give & Gave You All My Love. I think the names are really cute for these lacquers and they are actually really good!! They are pretty thick and very pigmented. The color stays on for a long time without the need to reapply. 

The packaging is orange holographic, which I don't like too much because I'm not a fan of the color orange. But the gloss tubes themselves are very beautifully done. 

Recommended to anyone who wants some affordable, pigmented lip lacquers!! 

Fourth (& Last) is the Vivid Blush Lacquer 

I've only used non-powder blush once before (Mousse Maybelline Blush) when I was in high school and then took a hiatus from blush because I felt like it was too much. Nowadays I've been using the CanMake blush (which I absolutely LOVE).

I'd been wanting to try out different blushes and was pretty excited to test out this product!
A tiny bit went a long way and I really like the color of it!! Very sweet, yet less pink than my CanMake one :3 So this is probably a shade one can wear more often and for a larger variety of events. It also applies so well to the face and blends so easily!! Just lightly dab it on with a finger.

I believe this particular one is either in Heart or Bloom. I'm actually finding the shades of these MUR products from the website because the packaging doesn't actually list the color of the product, which can be confusing. 

 This is probably my favorite product out of the whole giveaway. 

✿     ✿     ✿     ✿     ✿

I'd like to thank Jessica Yau of JYukimi.com once again for hosting the giveaway and for sending the products to me so quickly!! I really enjoyed testing them all out and having fun experimenting with different looks! Please check back here periodically for future photos :]

Everyone, please check out her blog here, Instagram here, Twitter here
YouTube here, and go like her Facebook page here

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. Such a lucky girl, I love all your photos they're so cute and you look so doll like!

  2. Hi BB! do you remember me from instagram? :D <3

    This makeup looks amazing on you!! So cute~


    -Ally Gong

  3. Thanks Alexa~~~~Not as much as you though

  4. Omg of course I do :D AllyDoll!! Thank you so much!!

  5. Cindy bb!!! I swear that pic of you at the end. you remind me of a kittie with the eyes! I have super oily skin too so the foundation wouldn't be my best friend either! But that liquid blush looks so cool need to try!!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤

    Blog | Youtube

  6. WAAAH HAHAHA thank you Bunnie!!!~ I love that you and I both understand the stresses of oily skin :< #ForeverShiny

  7. everything looks awesome!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com


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