Saturday, March 29, 2014

✿ Spring OOTD ✿ White Lace Crop Top & Cream Skirt ✿

Hi LovieBunnies!!~

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know that I am super excited today because I was a lucky enough gal to work with the beautiful and talented Joanne [UrHappyBunnie] on her weekly series called UrMadeUpFace!! You can check out the post here. I talk a little about myself there and the products I use for my look so if you're interested, please have a look <3

✿               ✿               ✿

Spring has arrived and I'm loving the beautiful flowers and birdies!! It's such a great start to the day when you come out to fresh air, beautiful colors and birdsong. We do get a lot of rain where I'm at right now, but I'll live ☁︎ 

Here's my outfit. Very simple and very comfortable. A white lace crop top with long sleeves and a cream patterned skirt. 

Top & Skirt: Forever 21
✿ Here are the details up close ✿

I'm extra in love with cream and light pastel colors. 
What are you wearing now? :3 

Monday, March 17, 2014

☁︎ Juju Cosmetics AquaMoist Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Toner & Moisture Lotion [Review] ☁︎

Hi Lovelies!!

I'm excited to tell you guys all about a product I received from my bf's grandma when she came to visit from Japan. She's so sweet and always gets me a handful of gifts when she comes! This one is from JUJU Cosmetics and it's the AquaMoist Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Moisture Toner. Then I went shopping with my Tubbie and came across the whole like of AquaMoist products and had to get the moisturizer too! AquaMoist Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Moisture Lotion Here's what they look like:

These products cost about $17 and up depending on where you are and which shop you purchased them from. I think it's so worth it!! One bottle should last a very very long time because only a teeny bit is needed for full facial coverage.

There's a full line of products that I want to try from this line also. They actually just released the updated, new AquaMoist line in which the packaging has been changed to a blue and white theme, but I liked this color scheme more.

How to Use:
After cleansing the face thoroughly, one should wet a cotton pad with the toner and apply gently to the face. The small collagen molecules are able to effectively permeate the skin for supple, revitalized skin. Hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates the skin and allows it to gain back moisture that was stripped away during the cleansing process. Then apply the moisture lotion afterwards for additional moisture.

The toner is very watery (like most toners), but the moisture lotion is not creamy in the least! It's actually more like essence!! It goes on very well and makes your face feel so smooth.

Essence-like moisture lotion
What I Think: 
After using it for about a week or so, I'm wondering why I've spent so much money on large brand name skin care lines when this feels so much more effective! Seriously, I didn't think it would work!! My face has been feeling so much more "bouncy" and smooth after using this (almost the very next day). I'm going to try and have my mom and grandma use it too, it's that good!!

I have really oily skin too so the fact that the moisture lotion isn't creamy is a good thing.

I'm giving this product 4.5/5 and it's definitely something I'd recommend to everyone! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

✿ Dolly Wink #2 "Sweet Girly" [Review] ✿

Hi Cuties!!

I was wandering through the supermarket with my Tubbie (heehee his new nickname) hunting for dinner's ingredients and let myself drift over to the home and beauty sections (not always a good idea). Came across a huge array of lashes (so tempting) and picked these up along with a few other beauty products I'll review later on.

Was wondering which ones to choose, and ultimately got the Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly lashes! I really love the designs of the others (here I talk about #1 and #17 ♡), but many of them don't show up too well. So I opt for the much more long designs because only then will they show up on photos and give the desired dolly eye look =^__^=

Don't you just absolutely love the packaging of the Dollywinks?? I actually love this old packaging more than the new packaging. I just love the whole bottle concept with the two daisies at the top. So simple and cute!!

Back of the package
Really love how they look on the model's eyes :3
Especially with those bottom lashes <3
And here are the lashes themselves!! Very pretty and delicate!! 

This design actually reminds me a lot of #17 with the more thicker lashes in the middle, but these are definitely longer than the #17s. Also, the lash band is much softer just like the #1s and the individual lashes are very wispy and soft which makes these super comfortable to wear.

Again, I'm very happy with how well the glue works. You shouldn't have any trouble with the lashes lifting up with this glue. Make sure to apply a little bit more glue on the ends and you should be fine (as you should with all glues).

How to Use Eyelashes
I actually never took the time to open the little slip of paper inside, 
but I did this time and it's an instruction manual on how to apply the lashes.

Application Instructions
✿ Remove eyelash gently and firm from the corner with tweezers.
✿ Hold both corners and bend the lash bone back and forth for most natural fit.
✿ Cut lashes for the correct length for your eyes.
✿ Apply glue along the lash bone.
✿ Apply lashes as close as possible to your natural lashes. 
✿ Lightly press down on the front, middle and end of the lashes to get them as close to your natural lashes as possible.

How to Remove
✿ At the outer corner of the eyelash, gently pull to remove lashes. Remove old glue and store in eyelash case.

** You could also apply products like this (oil cleanser) or eye makeup remover on the base of the lash first to loosen up the eyelash glue so there is less tug on your real lashes**

Hehehe excuse my unruly wet hair. Here they are. Of course, they're more evident in real life. And maybe I'm just bad at taking eyelash photos?? My photo is not nearly as nice as the one on the packaging.

Here's a teeny different angle..

And last one!! Here you can sort of see the lashes better. 
Using iPhone 5S's front camera. It's a bit blurry ^__^" I wanna get a good camera soon!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this <3

Monday, March 3, 2014

♡ White Faux Fur iPhone 5[S] Case ♡

Hello Bunnies!!!~

I'm super super SUPER excited and happy today because I just got a package I've been waiting for FOREVER in the mail this morning!!!

Tadaaaa!!~ This faux fur case!!~
 I'm so so so happy and gushing over it!! ☁︎

I've been eyeing this case for a while now, but it's always been more money than I think it's worth. Usually I saw it going for close to $20 on eBay. But I finally found a super cheap price at $8!! Super happy with it because the material is SOOOOOO SOOOOOOFT.  I was half expecting something that was really low quality and scratchy material, but it's super super smooth and very addicting to for fingers to just brush over.

 Really in love with the cute cute deco around the camera area. It's super adorable right?! I just really don't like how cheaply cut the material is in that area.

However, most of the time the fur will cover it up and people won't look too closely.

Still it just bothers me a bit :< But I can't complain since I got it at such a low price!!

And this is how it looks like from the front. 

I really love it!! It's so soft and pretty!! It actually comes in more than just white. There was also grey and black. The grey one is also super pretty because it's not just GREY. It's a mixture of grey and white. Hm.. my description doesn't do it justice. 

Anyway, initially I was worried about it getting dirty quite easily, but apparently you can wash it under warm water with soap and blow dry it! After blow drying, your case should look brand new ^__^

Xoxoxo, Cindy ☁︎⭐︎